The Complete Business Support Package For Business Owners

Our Complete Business Support Package offers coordinated and practical support for business owners to take control and drive growth.

Five key elements:

  1. Making it Happen!

From new product development to marketing and from loan finance to customer retention, there is a lot to do when growing your business.  Hands on, pragmatic support shows you how to decide what to do first and guides you to put theory into practice.

  1. Scaling up – Your Virtual Team

Access a ready-made team of HR experts, accountants, marketers, solicitors and other professionals to help you scale your business as it grows.  Allowing you to focus on delivering excellent customer service without the large overheads and long term contracts.

  1. The Big Picture

Working “in” your business and not “on” your business will result in slow growth.  Knowing where your business is going is key if you are to succeed.  Transition from Business Owner to MD of your company; in full control while your business grows.

  1. Carpe Diem!

Procrastination and being overwhelmed can stunt business growth and prevent you moving forward.  Access to practical advice and an expert supplier hub will lighten the load, so you can focus, be productive and keep control of your day.

  1. Where’s the exit?

Expert advice and necessary tools to help you build your business working backwards from your end goals.  Fundamental to this is your own personal growth and leadership development, this is achieved through coaching and mentoring, in a relaxed and supportive environment working along-side like-minded entrepreneurs.



The Complete Business Support Package is aimed at business owners who want to take their business to the next level but are not sure where to start and fear they may lose control.

It is a 2 year programme during which the business owner will be working ‘on’ their business and ‘on’ themselves.  Learning the skills to manage a growing business and developing their strengths & leadership capability.

The package includes:

  • Business and personal support tailored to specific needs
  • Advice and guidance from industry experts
  • Learning new skills alongside how to run your business efficiently
  • Access to experts at discounted rates
  • Assistance to access funding
  • ‘How to’ workshops
  • Personal growth workshops
  • Monthly coaching meetings
  • Social media support
  • Network events
  • Option to continue after 2 years


Specific areas that will be reviewed and developed include:

  • The Vision for the future
  • Three year business plans
  • Annual budgets and forecasts
  • Brand and value proposition
  • Marketing strategy & plans
  • Financial reporting
  • Legislation, contracts and T’s & C’s
  • Profiles and product/service summaries for use on Social Media
  • Processes for managing the business, with and without technology
  • Building belief in yourself