Is your business delivering the lifestyle you promised yourself?

This is a free workshop to be held at the 3 Counties Expo Luton on 30 April 2019. To attend the workshop, simply register as a visitor at the 3 Counties Expo website.

The perceived attraction of being your own boss, having more time and money to enjoy life, was compelling. So, you left your well-paid job to set up your own business. A few years pass and the long hours, lack of support, erratic cash-flow and loneliness take their toll and you start to ask yourself ‘Did I make the right decision to give up my full time well paid JOB?’

Having made the transition from employee to business owner herself, Lesley has used her hindsight to develop a practical framework that will enable enthusiastic individuals to transition successfully from employee to entrepreneur.

During the workshop, Lesley will discuss the reality of what it takes to make this transition, and how and where to get help when you need it. Lesley will also share the framework and explain how you can start to use it, to take your business and your lifestyle to the next level.

Date(s) - 30/04/2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Riverside Conference Centre, Venue 360

20 Gipsy lane
United Kingdom

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